Annihilation Cult

by Scorn Of Creation

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As I brought the axe down And saw my face in the blade reflecting I tasted gods blood on my lips Devine, ethereal and so sweet I need that power now This corruption will end I can feel the void As the fire engulfs me I reach out to the throne The fire rages on With gods head in hands I remove the skin His face I wear His mask is mine The fire is here As below, so above My eyes, soaked in blood The taste of his power enters my mouth The mask itself, embedded in my skin We intertwine, we become one I've grown cold, I'm aching and not breathing I writhe and twist and spew Something's wrong, this cannot be Someone's got their hold on me I am falling through time and space I did not reach my destined goal The power was in my hands I must have it I have to find my way back And so I fall once more My mind clear My path set Determined I move forward To claim what is mine
The Family 02:52
Beneath morning sky We come together Joined in unity and belief The time has come to follow me We will forge a bond Our strength in numbers will grow Form a circle, hand in hand A pact in blood until the end They have given me their money They have signed away their lives They have promised me eternally That they'll never compromise The path that we embark on Will be glorious at the end The precious blood spilled will sow the seed I can never be challenged I can never be abandoned I can never be questioned I demand loyalty My dreams are coming true My desires will be fulfilled The end will come in a glorious wave of death So here we are, a family Joined by one divine purpose You are now my children And I the father of all I am the master of all!
Letting Go 03:27
And so it is, we are one Joined, hand in hand We will set the balance We will undo the past And violently forge A new future The blood has been spilled The pact has be made All your possessions You throw away Surrender your will Drop to your knees All your worldly pleasures Belong to me Your old life, is gone now Reborn for a grand purpose Your life's work now is to serve Without question I ask you to Let go Lay down Succumb To me Let go Lay down Join your New family Now you shed your old life Wash it all away Cleansed in the river Reborn anew Held under water Robbed of every breath Heartbeat slows as you are nearing death Now it is time to forget your old life It no longer exists Reincarnated Immortal Let go Lay down Succumb To me Let go Lay down Join your New family
We are now a force, a pack Stronger in every way We move together, now as one The pieces set, the plan in motion Nothing can stop this I am everything Unstoppable, Inevitable I am everyone Thy will be done Arm yourselves now Move into the dark Be the epitaph Of the world Fire, burn the whole world Murder, every non believer Welcome, new members to the flock Bring them, bring them all to me I am everything Unstoppable, Inevitable I am everyone Thy will be done We are walking into death I lead them one by one They are blind to my true purpose Yet they still succumb Slaughter, Slaughter your old masters Crush them, the divine and true Wipe them, wipe the from the world Disgrace, disgrace every church I am everything Unstoppable, Inevitable I am everyone Thy will be done
Something is not right here, I feel it in my bones Anxiety is building in me, I am losing my free will We must get away from here, we have to find a way His words feel like poison, his words feel like death My brothers, my sisters There has to be a better way We came here for love But all I feel is hate Together, we can Live in peace and harmony Please! Follow me, he is not the one Welcome all my children and those who are blind I am very saddened to hear the rumours That some of you are unhappy, that some of you would now betray No one is a prisoner here, but to leave would be a grave mistake My children, arise! Join hands with your family If you are the fallen, the betrayer No one here will judge you Step into the light ,Be seen my son No harm will come to you I bow down to no one! Free me! Let me go! I will take an axe to him, I will burn this fucking place down I will never follow him, I have to find my way back home Who can help me leave here? Join me, we have to go You can not be so blind to this, he's leading us to our doom My brothers, my sisters There has to be a better way If we kill him, we can be free My father, he's escaping Capture him and bring him back Bring him tome Hold him down
Punishment 02:45
Lay him on his back Tie his hands down tight Gag him, remove sight Spread his legs apart Hand me the blow torch Castration by fire For what you have done This will help you see This will bring some clarity It hurts me to do this Why did you make me? How can you not see What I am trying to do? Let the smell of burnt flesh haunt your dreams This is for what you did to me But my point is made Disfigured, I'll allow you to stay Let this be a lesson For today, we can not move back Our mission will soon be complete
Forgiveness 03:05
Now that I've got your attention Now that you see my mercy Know that I'll not be defied Know that I will have your loyalty This is the time We must unite We must move forward The end is nearly here They look at me with fear They wonder what's to come They've seen what I can do They should never cross me My power is Absolute My resolve is unwavering Do not falter now Do not lose your way Be brave, fight your urges Be smart, stay the path Look unto me Follow Thy Commands Follow Thy Commands!
The Plan 03:04
The time is here I see the signs Planets align Stars dart across the sky The spring brings new life to the earth As we prepare to leave Dig down, through the clay Into the abyss Deep enough, no light no air Deep enough, no escaping here Your body will decay over time Your corpse will bring new life New roots will soon take hold You will be reborn Dig down, through the clay Into the abyss Deep enough, no light no air Deep enough, no escaping here Our souls move together as one We march towards war Do not think of this as the end Glory will come when we rise above Be the soldiers you're born to be Wield your axes with hate Your mission is to destroy the system Our mission is to smash the hate My family, our time has come We restore the balance We topple the kingdom of heaven We spit in the face of the king So, no tears please Take me by the hand Look your neighbour in the eyes This is not goodbye
Farewells 03:23
Now everybody the time has come To say goodbye, to leave this realm Look at me and do not fear Your body is a vessel, your mind will ascend As you lay down and take a final breath The glory of heaven, we smash with a fist Think of the holes that you have dug As a portal to the kingdom above Take with you no woes no cares Arm yourself with malice and hate You are now a bringer of death A mighty beast, slaughterer, wrath You are the harbinger of war Devourer of angels Destroyer of gods You are a killer, you are a saviour You are a soldier, you are a saint Do not fear what is to come The prophecy has begun Lay down, in your grave And prepare for war As soldiers I command you to kill at my free will Bring me an archangel, strip him of his wings We will wipe the slate clean, cleansed with fire and death Wash away your sins, in a river of holy blood Scream our your war cry Picture your victory Farewell Family The time Is here To leave This plane Climb down Let go Be free
Look into my Eyes Martyrdom has come Lower yourselves into your graves Or you'll be cut down Disgraced by me We've entered the final phase Now is not the time to run away Drink this down, every last drop Help your brother, help your sister This is not the time to be selfish Comfort them, be with them Help them take the final step Hold them down, pour it in Do not scream, take the pain You have nearly reached the bitter end I see you writhing, around on the ground This agony will end Your pain is mine You've entered your vessels resting place Now is the time to let your vessel go Just let go Look through the blood in your eyes And see the love in, love in mine You've taken the final step Now it is time For me to take mine My vessel joins you in the grave I'll meet you in war I welcome this bullet In my brain


Annihilation Cult - The 2021 sophomore album from Scorn of Creation

'Annihilation Cult' is the anticipated follow up and lyrical continuum to Scorn of Creation's 2018 self-titled debut. Featuring 10 new tracks, 'Annihilation Cult' explores and expands on the bands distinctive crushing sound, which blends elements of traditional death metal with a modern creative edge.

Join the congregation and be taken in to the mind of a deranged cult leader through discordant, dark, driving compositions created during one of the darkest times in recent history.

Includes the full Annihilation Cult album in both WAV and MP3 formats, with high resolution artwork and lyric sheets.


released April 4, 2021

Recorded across New Zealand and Australia remotely by Scorn Of Creation during the global pandemic of 2020.
Mixed, Mastered and produced by Seth Jackson at Silver Tides, self released by Scorn Of Creation.

Copyright Scorn Of Creation, All rights reserved

Scorn Of Creation are:
Seth Jackson - Guitars
Jiji Aligno - Guitars
Shaun Anderson - Drums
Kris Gillan - Vocals
George Prowse - Bass

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all rights reserved



Scorn Of Creation Brooklyn, New York

-Scorn Of Creation-

Death Metal four piece from the bowels of the world.

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